50 Sentences of Simple Future Tense

Example sentences in simple future tense, 50 Sentences of Simple Future Tense;


50 Sentences of Simple Future Tense

1. You children will be the future of this country.
2. We will paint our house next week.
3. You are going to cry.
4. They will write the letter to their best friend.
5. He will close the shop.
6. She will see her friend at the weekend.
7. I will read the newspaper when I go to bus station.
8. Tomorrow, the sun will rise at 6:00 am.
9. They will be here in two hours.
10. He will help you tomorrow.
11. I will see you tomorrow, please wait me.
12. They are going to dance.
13. I will go to London next week.
14. I will be twenty seven in April.
15. She won’t do the ironing.

16. Will it be windy tomorrow morning?
17. He will love her forever.
18. She will cry.
19. You will miss me in future.
20. They will come here tomorrow.
21. I will miss you when you move to another country.
22. Mark will fix my car.
23. I won’t go to the theater.
24. Tomorrow, My father will apply for a new job.
25. We won’t go to the theater.
26. I won’t go to the cemetery.
27. We are going to eat.
28. We think, We will be back on Sunday from holiday.
29. I will stay at home at the weekend.
30. He will call me tomorrow.
31. We will play basketball.
32. You’ll feel better with this orange juice.
33. I am afraid you won’t remember me.
34. He is going to jump.
35. You will go to France tomorrow.
36. He is going to sleep.
37. She will be a successful engineer in 3 years.
38. Will you come to the party?
39. When will you travel?
40. You can’t carry this luggage yourself. I will help you.
41. I am going to cook tonight.
42. It won’t be very cold next week.
43. Will it hurt?
44. I will make a tea.
45. She will meet with her best friends.
46. They will win the game.
47. She won’t watch the football match.
48. They will go to the school.
49. It will stay in the outside.
50. We will probably win.

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