Past Continuous Tense – Detailed Expression

Past Continuous Tense  indicates an action which started in the past and continued in a certain time period.

Past Simple Tense – Detailed Expression

Past Continuous Tense - Detailed Expression

I was startingI was not startingWas I starting
You were startingYou were not startingWere you starting
He was startingHe was not startingWas he starting
She was startingShe was not startingWas she starting
It was startingIt was not startingWas it starting
We were startingWe were not startingWere we starting
You were startingYou were not startingWere you starting
They were startingThey were not  startingWere they starting

Past Continuous Tense - Detailed Expression

Positive Sentences

  • You were watching television last night.
  • They were studying math yesterday.
  • was washing the dishes when the phone rang.
  • As she was reading the book, Alice came.
  • It was raining yesterday evening.
  • was learning German last year.


Negative Sentences

  • Youwere not watching television last night.
  • They were not studying math yesterday.
  • was not washing the dishes when the phone rang.
  • As she was not  reading the book, Alice came.
  • was not learning German last year.

Question Sentences

  • Were you watching television last night?
  • Were theystudying math yesterday?
  • Was washing the dishes when the phone rang?
  • Was she reading the book when they came?
  • Was it raining yesterday evening?
  • Was he learning German last year?