Common Verbs That Don’t Change in the Past Tense

Common Verbs That Don’t Change in the Past Tense; put, hit, shut, cut, quit, beat, hurt;

Common Verbs That Don’t Change in the Past Tense


Present: put Past: put

Present Tense Example: Could you please put the notebook on the table?

Past Tense Example: Last week, I put the notebook on the table.



Present: fit Past: fit

Present Tense Example: What do you think, this jacket fits me?

Past Tense Example: I tried on the jacket yesterday, it fit me.



Present: shut Past: shut

Present Tense Example: Could you please shut the window?

Past Tense Example: I shut the window last month.



Present: hurt Past: hurt

Present Tense Example: My finger hurts.

Past Tense Example: I fell down and my finger hurt last week.



Present: beat Past: beat

Present Tense Example: I think I can beat you in football.

Past Tense Example: I beat my father in football, last week.



Present: cut Past: cut

Present Tense Example: Don’t cut your finger. Be carefull.

Past Tense Example: She cut her finger yesterday.



Present: quit Past: quit

Present Tense Example: You must quit drinking.

Past Tense Example: She quit and they lost the game last mont.



Present: hit Past: hit

Present Tense Example: Jack hit me first.

Past Tense Example: Yesterday, Jack hit me first.