Most Important Verb + Preposition List

Most Important Verb + Preposition List; for, to, from, of, about

Most Important Verb + Preposition List


Apologize for

Arrest for

Ask for

Call for

Check for

Fear for

Fine for

Forgive for

Hope for

Prepare for

Thank for

Wait for



Add to

Allow to

Attend to

Belong to

Consent to

Connect to

Convert to

Dedicate to

Listen to

Refer to

Talk to

Yield to



Abstain from

Borrow from

Choose from

Carve from

Come from

Derive from

Emerge from

Expect from

Hinder from

Forbid from

Prevent from

Suffer from



Accuse of

Approve of

Aware of

Composed of

Consist of

Deprived of

Devoid of

Fond of

Ged rid of

Irrespective of

Short of



Ask about

Care about

Complain about

Forget about

Hear about

Joke about

Know about

Laugh about

Talk about

Think about

Worry about

Write about