Verb + Preposition List For, Of, With

Verb + Preposition List For, Of, With, Verbs + prepositions list in english

verb + preposition for-of-with


Account for

Apply for

Arrange for

Care for

Pay for

Pray for

Prepare for

Praise for

Provide for

Punish for

Room for

Search for

Stand for

Substitute for

Thank for

Use for

Wait for


verb + preposition for-of-with


Approve of

Bilk out of

Compose of

Conceive of

Consist of

Convict of

Cure of

Despair of

Dream of

Get rid of

Get tired of

Hear of

Hope of

Remind of

Rob of

Suspect of

Think of



Agree with

Argue with

Begin with

Collide with

Compare with

Complete with

Complain with

Concern with

Charge with

Help with

Interfere with

Meet with

Present with

Provide with

Quarrel with

Share with

Trust with