Business English Vocabulary

Business English Vocabulary, English for business and work;

Trademark A name or symbol that identifies a particular company’s product and that cannot be used without permission
Market Research The collecting of information about what products or services people want to use or buy and why
Brand A product made or sold by a particularly company
Product Something that is made or grown to be sold, often in large quantities
Launch The intoduction of a new product or service for sale to the public
Consumer A person who buys products or services

Wholesaler A person or company that sells products mainly to stores and businesses to be resold by the stores and businesses
Deficit the total amount by which money spent is more than money received
Lucrative Producing a lot of money; profitable
Commodity A substance or a primary product that can be traded or bought and sold usually in large quantities
Inflation An increase in the prices of goods and services over time, causing a reduction in the value of  money
Merger The joining of two or more companies to make one larger company
Pay is the money that you earn by working
Remuneration is a formal word for payment for work
Wage is the money that someone is paid every week by their employer
Earning is the total amount of money you earn from the job you do
Biannual happening twice a year
Billboard signboard for advertising posters
Scarcity a very small supply of resources; a lack of something
Annual happening once a year