Collocations with Make in English

make an appearancemake a bed
make an appointmentmake believe
make an arrangementmake a booking
make an attemptmake breakfast
make a bundle
make a callmake a deal
make a changemake a decision
make a correctionmake a demand
make a choicemake a difference
make a commentmake the dinner
make a complaintmake a discovery
make a compromise
make a copy
make an effortmake a fire
make an enquirymake a fool of yourself
make an exceptionmake a fortune
make an excusemake a friends with…
 make fun of…
 make a fuss about…
make a guessmake a habit
make an impressionmake a journey
make life easiermake a mess
make lovemake a mistake
 make  money
make a noisemake an offer
make peace with…make a reduction
make a planmake a reference to sb
make a pointmake a remark
make a presentationmake a report on sth
make a profitmake a reservation
make progressmake a fuss about…
make a promise 
make a proposal 
make public 
make sensemake tea/coffee
make a soundmake time
make somebody happy / sad / angry / made etc.make a threat
make a snackmake a treaty with sb
make a speechmake a trip
make a statementmake trouble for sb
make a suggestion
make sure
make war on sb 
make your will 

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