Common Collocations in English

Common Collocations in English

Get, go, have, take, make Collocations.


Get drunk, get a job, get a shock, get lost, get married, get ready, get permission


Go abroad/overseas, go online, go shopping, go crazy/mad, go bald, go blind, go quiet/silent, go work, go on holiday, go down, go up


Have a baby, have fun, have a rest, have a shower, have a problem, have dinner, have a chat, have a party, have a relationship, have a dream, have a chat


Make a cake, make a mess, make money, make lunch, make progress, make a difference, make an effort, make time, make a journey, make a plan, make a mistake, make a choice


Take a photo, take a break, take a chance, take a taxi, take your time, take notes, take a risk, take an interest in, take a vote, take a picture, take a seat, take care, take a bath