Commonly Confused Words in English

Commonly confused words list in english; Here is most important confused words;

acceptReceiveExceptLeave out
AdviceGuidance or recommendationsAdviseTo offer suggestions about best

AllowedPermittedAloudClearly heard
AlludeMake indirect referenceEludeEscape from something
AtePast tense of eatEightThe number
BreakSmash, splitBrakeStopping device
CapitalCity, wealthCapitolBuilding
CoarseRoughCourseWay or path
Emigrateleave one country or region to settle in anotherImmigrateenter another country reside there
EnsureGuaranteeInsureFinancial liability
FartherPhysical distanceFurtherAbstract idea
feweris used with nouns that can be countedlessis used with nouns that cannot be counted
ForPrepositionFourThe number
ForthForwardFourthComes after third
HearPerceiveHereIn this place
PeaceAbsence of warPiecePart, portion
PlainSimplePlaneFlat surface
PrincipleRulePrincipalChief person
QuietSilentQuiteReally, positively
StationaryNot movingStationeryWriting paper
ThancomparisonThenAt that time
ToIn the direction ofTooAlso
WeakFeebleWeekSeven days
WeatherAtmospheric conditionsWhetherIf, in case
whichwhat onewitchsorceress