Commonly Confused Words in English

Commonly confused words list in english; Here is most important confused words;

Word Meaning Word Meaning
accept Receive Except Leave out
Advice Guidance or recommendations Advise To offer suggestions about best
Affect Influence Effect Result

Allowed Permitted Aloud Clearly heard
Allude Make indirect reference Elude Escape from something
Ate Past tense of eat Eight The number
Break Smash, split Brake Stopping device
By Preposition Buy Purchase
Capital City, wealth Capitol Building
Coarse Rough Course Way or path
Emigrate leave one country or region to settle in another Immigrate enter another country reside there
Ensure Guarantee Insure Financial liability
Farther Physical distance Further Abstract idea
fewer is used with nouns that can be counted less is used with nouns that cannot be counted
Word Meaning Word Meaning
For Preposition Four The number
Forth Forward Fourth Comes after third
Hear Perceive Here In this place
Loose Free Lose Misplace
Peace Absence of war Piece Part, portion
Plain Simple Plane Flat surface
Principle Rule Principal Chief person
Quiet Silent Quite Really, positively
Stationary Not moving Stationery Writing paper
Than comparison Then At that time
To In the direction of Too Also
Weak Feeble Week Seven days
Weather Atmospheric conditions Whether If, in case
which what one witch sorceress
Who subject Whom object