Names of Males, Females, Babies, and Groups of Animals, Gender of Animals

Animals names, Names of Males, Females, Babies,  and Groups of Animals.  Names of Baby Animals and Their Parents in english;

Name Male Female Baby Group of Animals
Alligator Bull Cow Hatchling congregation
Antelope Buck Doe Calf Herd
Baboon male Female Infant Troop
Bear Boar Sow Cub Sleuth
Bee Drone Queen Larva Hive, bike

Bird Cock Hen Chick Dissimulation
Butterfly Male Female Caterpillar, larva Swarm
Camel Bull Cow Calf Flock
Cat Tomcat Queen Kitten Clutter
Chicken Rooster Hen Chick Flock
Crow Cock Hen Chick Murder
Deer Buck Doe Fawn Herd
Dog Dog Bitch Pup Litter
Dolphin Bull Cow Pup, calf Herd
Elephant Bull Cow Calf Parade
Fox Reynard Vixen Kit Skulk
Giraffe Bull Doe Calf Herd, corps
Goat Buck Doe Kid Herd, tribe
Hamster Buck Doe Pup Horde
Heron Cock Hen Chick Sedge
Horse Stallion Mare Foal Stable
Human Man Woman Baby, Infant Clan, crowd
Kangaroo Buck Doe Joey Troop
Leopard Leopard Leopardess Cub Leap
Lion Lion Lioness Cub Pride
Monkey Male Female Infant Troop
Mosquito Male Female Inymph Swarm
Mouse Buck Doe Pup, pinkie Horde
Panda Boar Sow Cub
Penguin Male Female Chick Rookery
Pig Boar Sow Piglet Drove
Rabbit Buck Doe Kitten Colony, drove
Rat Buck Doe Pup Horde
Shark Bull Female Pup School
Sheep Buck Ewe Lamb Drift, drove
Snake Male Female Snakelet,neonate Bed, nest
Spider Male Female Spiderling
Swan Cob Pen Cygnet, flapper Bevy, game
Tiger Tiger Tigress Cub Ambush
Whale Bull Cow Calf Gam
Wolf Dog Bitch Pup, whelp Pack, rou
Zebra Stallion Mare Colt, foal Herd, crossing

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