Phrasal Verbs With GET

Phrasal Verbs With GET

In this post, you can find;

  • get phrasal verbs,
  • get phrasal verbs’ meanings,
  • using get phrasal verbs in a sentence.

Get Phrasal Verbs – Using, Definitions and Examples;

  • Get across,
  • Get along,
  • Get along with,
  • Get around,
  • Get ahead,
  • Get at,
  • Get by,
  • Get out,
  • Get off,
  • Get rid of,
  • Get back,
  • Get away,
  • Get down, 
  • Get down to, 
  • Get on,
  • Get on with,
  • Get on in,
  • Get out of,
  • Get over, 
  • Get through.

Follow the list for get phrasal verbs – definitions and examples;

  • Get (sth) across

Meaning; to make people understand something

Example; The teacher couldn’t get her ideas across to the students.

  • Get along / Get on / Get on with

Meaning; If people get along, they like each other and they have a good relationship.

Example; I can’t get along with the neighbors any more.

  • Get around

Meaning; to travel to different places

Example; I will get around from town to town.

  • Get ahead

Meaning; to be successful in the work

Example; I will get ahead at work with this project.

  • Get at sth

Meaning; to touch or to reach something

Example; The child can’t get at the books on the high shelf.

  • Get at sb

Meaning; to criticize someone repeatedly

Example; The boss always get at me. I don’t know why he behaves like that.

  • Get away

Meaning; to leave or to escape from a place or a person

Example; She usually gets away from the crowds.

  • Get sb down

Meaning; to cause someone feel sad or lose hope

Example; Rainy weather is getting me down.

  • Get down to sth

Meaning; to check briefly on someone or something 

Example; Let’s get down to work.

  • Get on

Meaning 1; to put yourself on or in something, to get into a bus, train or plane.

Example; I always get on the school bus at 7 a.m.

Meaning 2; to have a good relationship

Example; We got on better when we were children.

  • Get on with/in

Meaning; to manage a situation or to achieve something


She seems to be getting on well in her new job.

How do you get on with your exams?

  • Get out of sth/doing sth

Meaning; to avoid doing something

Example; She wants to get out of going to this meeting.

  • Get over

Meaning; to recover from an upsetting situation or to start feel happy again after something has happened bad to you.

Example; She is just getting over the flu.

  • Get through

Meaning; to be connected by phone

Example; She got through to wrong department.