Phrasal Verbs With GO

Phrasal Verbs With GO

In this post, you can find;

  • go phrasal verbs,
  • go phrasal verbs’ meanings,
  • using go phrasal verbs in a sentence.

Go Phrasal Verbs – Using, Definitions and Examples;

  • Go about, 
  • Go after,
  • Go against,
  • Go ahead,
  • Go along,
  • Go along with,
  • Go around,
  • Go at,
  • Go away,
  • Go back,
  • Go down,
  • Go by,
  • Go for,
  • Go in,
  • Go into,
  • Go off,
  • Go out,
  • Go on,
  • Go over
  • Go round
  • Go through,
  • Go up.

Follow the list for go phrasal verbs – definitions and examples;

  • Go about sth

Meaning; to deal with something

Example; I want to solve this problem but I don’t know how to go about it.

  • Go after sth

Meaning; to try to get something

Example; He is planning to go after his friend’s project.

  • Go after sb

Meaning; to try to catch or stop someone

Example; We should go after her and tell her the truth.

  • Go against sth/sb

Meaning; to oppose or to disagree with someone or something

Example; The people’s votes went against us.

  • Go ahead

Meaning; to start or to continue to do something, especially after waiting for permission

Example; Why don’t you go ahead and eat it?

  • Go ahead with

Meaning; to start or to continue with plans to do something

Example; It is good idea. We should go ahead with the plan and see what happens.

  • Go along

Meaning 1; to continue to happen or to develop


He is under the radar but he is going along well.

She will explain the rules as they go along.

Meaning 2; to attend or to visit or to travel a place or meeting or event

Example; You should go along to the party and have a look.

Meaning 3; to accompany someone


If you will go to the party, can I go along?

My friends asked me to go along.

  • Go along with sth/sb

Meaning; to agree or to be willing to accept something or to support an idea

Example; He would never go along with this.

  • Go around/ Go round

Meaning; to travel to all parts of a place 

Example; They will go around in the evening.

  • Go at sb

Meaning; to attack someone violently or with hostility.

Example; Suddenly, he went at his wife with a knife.

  • Go at sth

Meaning; to start or to engage to do something with a lot of energy

Example; I had gone at the project for two days.

  • Go away

Meaning; to move from or leave a person or place

Example; We should tell them to go away.

  • Go back 

Meaning; to return to a person or activity or place

Example; She will never go back.

  • Go back on

Meaning; to fail to keep a promise or to change a decision or an agreement

Example; I am worry about that she will go back on her promise.

  • Go back to sb

Meaning; to start a relationship again with a person you had a romantic relationship with in the past.

Example; He want to go back to his wife.

  • Go back to sth

Meaning; to start doing something again that you were doing before

Example; It is time to go back to study.

  • Go by

Meaning; to pass time

Example; Last week went by so fast.

  • Go by sth

Meaning; to be guided by 

Example; You should go by the rules.

  • Go down

Meaning 1; to move down to a lower level or place, to sink, to fall

Example; The plane went down 5 minutes after take off.

Meaning 2; to reach or to go as far as

Example; The path goes down to the river.

  • Go down on sb

Meaning; to have oral sex with someone

  • Go down with sth

Meaning; to become ill with a disease

Example; I have gone down with the flu.

  • Go for sb

Meaning; to attack someone physically

Example; If you get too close, the dog will go for you.

  • Go for sth

Meaning; to choose a particular thing

Example; I will go for strawberry ice cream.

  • Go in 

Meaning; to enter a place

Example; You should knock before you go in.

  • Go in for sth

Meaning 1; to participate in something 

Example; Thank you for your invitation but I don’t want to go in for this course.

Meaning 2; to enjoy something

Example; She goes in for basketball much.

  • Go in with

Meaning; to join with a person 

Example; You should knock before you go in.

  • Go on

Meaning 1; to happen, to take place 

Example; What is going on here?

Meaning 2; to continue

Example; If you go on like this, you will lose your job.