Phrasal Verbs With TAKE

Phrasal Verbs With TAKE

Take up sth

Meaning; to begin a new hobby

Example; I’m not very good at basketball. I only took it up recently.

Take off

Meaning; to begin flight

Example; The plane will take off in two hours.

Take over sth

Meaning; to get control

Example; The firm was badly in need of restructuring when he took over.

Take in sth

Meaning; to comprehend sth

Example; I didn’t take in much of the teacher said.

Take out sth

Meaning; to remove sth from a place

Example; The dentist has to take out this tooth.

Take after sb

Meaning; to resemble sb in appearence

Example; She takes after her mother.

Take on sth

Meaning; to accept job or responsibility

Example; Don’t take on more responsibilities than you can handle.

Take down sth

Meaning; to write on a paper

Example; I can take down the messages that come in.