Punctuation Marks

Punctuation Marks, Punctuation Marks Everyone Needs to Master, Punctuation Marks in English, Puctuation marks list; Punctuation marks are used in writting to seperate sentences and their elements and to clarify meaning.


Punctuation Mark ( Symbol )

.Full Stop (in British English) or PeriodIt is used at the end of a sentence or at the end of the short form of a word.I like football.
,CommaIt is used to separate parts of a sentence showing a slight pause, or to separate the single things in a list.I want to eat meat, bread and tomatoes.
;Semi-colonIt is used between two parts of a sentence, usually when each of the two parts could form grammatical sentences on their own.John drives a Ferrari; Mary drives a Peugeot.
:ColonIt is used especially to introduce a list of things or a sentence or phrase taken from somewhere else.We have two choices: work hard or fail.
?Question markIt is used at the end of a phrase or sentence to show that it is a question.Where is the bank?
!Exclamation markIt is used immediately after an exclamation.What an exceptional child this is!
Ellipsis mark It is used in writting to show where one or more words have been intentionally left out.You went to the restaurant. And?
” “Quotation marksIt is used to indicate a word or phrase to show that someone else has written or said it.‘‘ I want to do it,’’ she said.
ApostropheIt is used to show when a letter or a number has been left out, as in I’m (= I am), or that is used before or after s to show possession, as in Sarah’s house. This is Stevens car.  Were ready
/Slash It is used in writing to separate letters, numbers, or words.

and/or ,

05/10 ( October 5 ) ,

2/3 = two-thirds 

( )Round Brackets ( in British English ) or ParenthesesIt is used to add extra information to a sentence.Lisa (8 years-old) is a little girl.
[ ]Square BracketsIt is used to enclose words added by someone other than the original writer or speaker, typically in order to clarify the situation.“It [electricity] is really just organized lightning.”
EnglishUnderlineIt is used to especially emphasize.The meeting will be start at 10:00 am.
_UnderscoreIt is used to draw a line under.d_k@yah.com
HypenIt is used to join words together to indicate that they have a combined meaning or to show that a word has been divided into parts.welltodo , rockforming minerals,


DashIt is used to separate parts of a sentenceWe saw two movies at the theater todayI didn’t really like either of them.


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