Synonym Words With D in English


Synoynm words in English. Please follow the list;

Synonym” means a word which has the same or nearly the same meaning as another word in the same language. To reach detailed synonym words list with D in english ( synonym words starting with letter – D ), follow the list;

Synonym Words With D
dally loiter, linger
damage hurt, impair, harm
dangerous unsafe, hazardous, perilous
daring bold, audacious
dark dismal, black
dawn daybreak, sunrise
dead lifeless, deceased
decay rot, spoil
deduct subtract, remove
defend protect, shield
defy resist, challenge
delicate fragile, dainty
demolish destroy, wreck
denounce blame, censure, indict
dense thick, heavy, compressed
depart leave, exit
deposit store, place
desolate barren, forsaken
despise hate, detest, loathe
destitute poor,penniless
destroy ruin, wreck, devastate
detach separate, unfasten, remove
deter hinder, prevent
determined sure, convinced, resolute
die expire, perish
different distinct, unlike
difficult hard, challenging
dilute weaken, thin
diminish curtail, lessen, decrease
dirty soiled, messy
disagree differ, dispute
dispute debate, oppose
diverse different, distinct
divide separate, split
docile tame, gentle
dormant sleeping, inactive
doubt mistrust, dispute
drab dull, lifeless
drastic severe, extreme, tough
dreadful terrible, unpleasant
dry arid, parched
dubious doubtful, questionable
dull blunt, dreary
dumb stupid, dense