Synonym Words With S in English


Synoynm words in English. Please follow the list;

Synonym” means a word which has the same or nearly the same meaning as another word in the same language. To reach detailed synonym words list with S ( synonym words starting with letter – S), follow the list;

Synonym Words With S
sad unhappy, dejected, gloomy
same identical, alike, equivalent
savage uncivilized, barbarous
save preserve, conserve, keep
scarce scanty, rare, sparse
scrawny skinny, gaunt, spindly
scrupulous meticulous, ethical, fastidious
seize apprehend, grab, snatch
separate divide, segregate, partition
serene peaceful, tranquil, calm
serious grave, solemn, pensive
shrewd clever, cunning, crafty
shy bashful, timid
sick ill, ailing
slim slender, thin, svelte
sluggish listless, lethargic, inactive
small little, insignificant, trivial
smooth slick, glossy, level
sociable friendly, cordial, gregarious
sorrow woe, anguish, grief
special exceptional, notable, particular
spontaneous instinctive, automatic, natural
stable steady, unchanging, settled
stationary fixed, immobile, firm
stimulate rouse, stir, motivate
stop quit, cease, terminate
strenuous vigorous, laborious
strict stringent, severe, stern
strong powerful, mighty, potent
stupid unintelligent, dense, foolish
subsequent following, succeeding, latter
successful thriving, prosperous, triumphant
sufficient ample, enough, adequate
superb magnificent, exquisite
suppress restrain, inhibit, squelch
surplus excess, additional, extra
swift fast, speedy, hasty
synthetic man-made, artificial