Words Related to SPEAKING

English vocabulary related to speaking in english, speaking vocabulary and definitions, expressions;

WhisperSpeak very softly
ChantSpeak in a rhytmic singing manner
PraySpeak to God
Cry (1)Speak whili crying
Cry (2)Shout
ExplainGive details
MurmurSpeak softly and unclearly
SighBreathe heavily to Show disappointment
NarrateTell a story
ElaborateExplain in detail

ReportExplain something in a formal setting
StammerSpeak nervously
MentionBring up a topic
WhineComplain in a sad voice
AnnounceGive information to many people
RoarShout or speak loudly and fiercely
HowlCry out in painmumble
MumbleSpeak softly and unclearly