Words Related to SPEAKING

English vocabulary related to speaking in english, speaking vocabulary and definitions, expressions;

Whisper Speak very softly
Chant Speak in a rhytmic singing manner
Pray Speak to God
Cry (1) Speak whili crying
Cry (2) Shout
Explain Give details
Murmur Speak softly and unclearly
Sigh Breathe heavily to Show disappointment
Narrate Tell a story
Tell Shout
Elaborate Explain in detail

Report Explain something in a formal setting
Declare State
Inform Tell
Stammer Speak nervously
Enquire Ask
Mention Bring up a topic
Whine Complain in a sad voice
Announce Give information to many people
Roar Shout or speak loudly and fiercely
Howl Cry out in painmumble
Mumble Speak softly and unclearly