30 Ways to Say I Miss You

English speaking; 30 Ways to Say I Miss You in english;

30 Ways to Say I Miss You

1.You bring joy to my life.

2.All I do is think of you.

3.I love being around you.

4.I’m infatuated with you.

5.You crossed my mind.

6.I appreciate you.

7.i feel sad without you.

8.You inspire me.

9.You are my reason for living.

10.You occupy my thoughts.

11.I miss your laugh.

12.I adore you.

13.You’re everything to me.

14.You’re the light of my life.

15.I’m head over heels for you.

16.I want a lifetime with you.

17.I hope I see you again.

18.You are the reason I’m alive.

19.I want you.

20.You are my treasure.

21.I adore you so much.

22.You are precious.

23.I miss your smile.

24.I can’t live without you.

25.I’m yours.

26.You are my sunshine.

27.I long for you.

28.You’re everything to me.

29.You complete me.

30.I cherish you.