51 WhatsApp Internet Abbreviations in English

51 WhatsApp Internet Abbreviations in English

2N8: Tonight

BMS: Blew my sh*t

404: No clue

BB: Bye Bye

IC: I see

IS: I’m sorry

IM: Instant message

JJ: Just joking

JK: Just kidding

KK: Okay cool

KU: Kiss you

L8: Late

LU: Love you

LI: LinkedIn

MT: Modified tweet

M/F: Male/Female

TIA: Thanks in advance

YCM: You copied me

2MORO: Tomorrow

ASIC: As soon as I can

BAU: Business as usual

1NAM: One in a million

BFF: Best friend forever

BEG: Big evil grin

CYO: See you online

HMU: Hit me up

WRU: Who are you

BBL: Be back later

EOS: End of story

GAL: Get a life

Q4U: Question for you

5N: Fine

KYP: Keep you posted

ORLY: Oh really

ATM: At the moment

IMO: In my opinion

JIC: Just in case

THX: Thanks

LTNS: Long time no see

STR8: Straight

WB: Welcome back

YT: Youtube

AAK: Alive and kicking

ANY1: Anyone

BFN: Bye for now

Dunno: Do not know

FTL: For the loss

GFY: Good for you

GTH: Go to h*ll

ICQ: I seek you

JOOC: Just out of curiosity