Latin Abbrevitions in English

Latin Abbrevitions in English, List of Latin abbreviations;

List of Latin abbreviations

A.D. Anno domini In the year of the Lord
A.M. Ante meridiem Before midday
B.A. Baccalaureus Artium Bachelor of Arts
B.Sc. Baccalaureus Scientiae Bachelor of Science
D.G. Dei Gratia By the grace of God
D.Lit. Doctor Medicinae Doctor of Medicine
e.g. Exempli gratia For example
i.e. id est That is
lb. Libra Pound
M.A. Magister Artium Master of Arts

M.D. Medicinae Doctor Doctor of Medicine
no. Numero By number
p.a. Per annum Every year
Ph.D. Philosophiae Doctor Doctor of Philosophy
P.M. Post meridiem After midday
P.S. Post scriptum Written after
R.I.P. Requiescat in pace Rest in peace
vox pop vox populi The voice of people is the voice of God
vs. Versus In opposition to,