Common Errors in English

Common mistakes in english, common errors in english, example sentences;

Common Errors in English

Common Errors in English

Wrong: Are you investing on stock market?

Correct: Are you investing in the stock market?
Wrong: I am difficult to learn English.

Correct: It is difficult for me to learn English.
Wrong: In fact, Mary really owns some personalilt to be a VIP.

Correct: In fact, Mary really has what it takes to be a VIP.
Wrong: China is coming into rainy weather.

Correct: China is in rainy season now.


Wrong: George is living far away with France.

Correct: George is living far away from France.
Wrong: Which kind of car?

Correct: What type of car?
Wrong: Why don’t stay more time here?

Correct: Why don’t you stay a little longer?

Wrong: My brother’s all the books have been stolen.

Correct: My brother’s books have been stolen.
Wrong: For what you are here?

Correct: What are you here for?


Wrong: My sister has 12 years.

Correct: My sister is 12 years old.
Wrong: I live in United States.

Correct: I live in the United States of America.
Wrong: Me and Mary live here.

Correct: Mary and I live here.
Wrong: Make sure that it is a high pay job.

Correct: Make sure that it is a high paying job.

Wrong: She is married with a doctor.

Correct: She is married to a doctor.


She doesn’t listen me.

Correct: She doesn’t listen to me.
Wrong: I didn’t meet nobody.

Correct: I didn’t meet anybody.
Wrong: Please explain me how improve my Spanish.

Correct: Please explain to me how improve my Spanish.

Wrong: The house isn’t enough big.

Correct: The house isn’t big enough.

Wrong: If I will be in Paris, I will contact to you.

Correct: If I am in Paris, I will contact to you.