100 English Phrases | 100 Basic English Phrases

100 English Phrases | 100 Basic English Phrases

100 English Phrases



3.See ya later



6.How are you?

7.How’s it going?

8.How have you been?

9.How’s your family?

10.What’s up?

11.What’s new?

12.Pretty good.

13.Can’t complain.

14.7. I’ve been busy.

15.Thanks a lot.

16.I really appreciate it.

17.Would you like a drink?

18.How do you feel about…?

19.I’m returning your call.

20.Can you tell me…?

21.Would you happen to know…?

22.I have no idea/clue.

23.I’m not really sure.

24.Do you agree with me?

25.Do you know/see what I mean?

26.How do you feel about…?

27.Don’t you think that…?

28.Is it in fact the case that…?

29.No, thanks. I’m OK.

30.I’m planning to…

31.I’m single.

32.I’m divorced.

33.No problem.

34.It was the least I could do.

35.That’s OK.

36.No problem.

37.I’d like you to meet…

38.It was nice chatting with you.

39.Phrases for Telephone Calls

40.You crossed my mind.

41.I appreciate you.

42.I feel sad without you.

43.You inspire me.

44.You are my reason for living.

45.You occupy my thoughts.

46.I miss your laugh.

47.I adore you.

48.You’re everything to me.

49.You’re the light of my life.

50.I am not accepting anything else at this time.

100 Basic English Phrases

51.We appreciate the offer, but …

52.I’m not really into it, but thanks for asking!

53.I’d rather not, thanks.


55.That’s not going to work for me.

56.Sounds fun, but I’m not available.

57.I want to, but I’m unable to.

58.If you ask me…

59.I don’t have strong feelings either way.

60.That’s so true.

61.I beg to differ.

62.That’s not how I see it.


64.That’s terrible.

65.I’m so sorry to hear that.

66.Let me check my calendar.

67.Sounds great!


69.What do you mean?

70.Do you understand what I’m saying?

71.Is that clear?

72.I need a little help.

73.Could you do me a favor?

74.Keep up the good work!

75.Long time, no see

76.What are you been up to?

77.Hey there?

78.Nice to see you again?

79.Look who it is!

80.You’re doing great.

81.Excuse me?

82.Do you mind repeating that?

83.Sorry, I didn’t hear what you said.

84.Sorry, I didn’t catch that.

85.I’m not happy about this.

86.I have a vague recollection of…

87.It’s a piece of cake.

88.How much is this?

89.I’m starving!

90.I’m full.

91.I love this show!

92.Do you have any bags to check?

93.Your flight has been canceled.

94.No matter what happens, I’m going to…

95.Sorry I’m late.

96.I was tied up in a meeting.

97.I’m afraid you’re right.

98.No, you’ve got it wrong.

99.She’s brilliant.

100.He’s a bit slow.