100 Examples of Irregular Adjectives in English

100 Examples of Irregular Adjectives in English

AdjectiveComparativeSuperlativeExample Sentences
GoodBetterThe best•I feel better today.

•Mark is the best footballer in the university.

OldOlderThe oldest•She’s a good seven years older than me.

•Next to wood, coal is the oldest of fuels.

FarFurtherThe furthest•Samuel had no further questions.

•My car is the furthest one.

BadWorseThe worst•Gentility without ability is worse than plain beggary.

•She is the worst liar I have ever known.

WellBetterThe best•We’d better get a move on.

•Mary did her best.

LittleLessLeast•I sleep less than my father.

•It was the least I could do.

ManyMoreMost•Made more powerful or stylish

•Most people think I’m clever.