10 Types of Adverbs and Example Sentences

10 Types of Adverbs and Example Sentences

Adverbs, verbs, or predicates that you often come across in sentences in English characterize the situation, tense, or few-many. Some adverbs are the same as adjectives, and some words need to be added to the end to make them adverbs.

10 Types of Adverbs

1.Adverb of Time

2.Adverb of Place

3.Adverb of Reason

4.Adverb of Affirmation

5.Adverb of Attitude

6.Adverb of Manner

7.Interrogative Adverbs

8.Adverbs of Frequency

9.Adverb of Degree

10.Relative Adverbs


Adverbs Sentences

1.You always want to play games or get attention from me while I’m studying or busy at work.

2.I usually eat popcorns for a snack before my dinner.

3.I normally go to work on foot.

4.I frequently watch TV series.

5.I sometimes read a book.

6.Stop it, you are eating quickly.

7.They are talking loudly when they know they are disturbing others.

8.When will you call me to meet me?

9.How long have you been drinking coffee? I thought you were just coming!

10.How often do you come to this bookstore? I’ve never seen you before!

11.When did the exam start?

12.When will you start reading?

13.How long have you started studying? I thought we would start together when I arrived.

14.Where do you usually prefer to spend the winter months?

15.Where were you spending time?

16.Where is the most popular soup place here?

17.I occasionally drink alcohol because I care about my health.

18.I seldom drink cola and soda.

19.I hardly ever smoke, I smoke only if I drink alcohol.

20.I never drink vodka, it tastes bad for me.

21.When will you go on this trip?

22.Where were you? I really waited for you!How much do I have to pay?

23.How much is this book? I want to pay the fee immediately.

24.How many of these glasses are there? I want to buy them all.

25.How can you complete these activities so quickly?

26.How did you get this far on foot? Congratulations!

27.How do you drive the car? I have been having a hard time lately.

28.How was your holiday so good?

29.The man will definitely get the job done extremely quickly, so rest assured.

30.The story would definitely end in the simplest way, Alice said, so we trusted you.