Comparative and Superlative Adjectives

Comparative adjectives are used to compare differences between the two objects. Superlative adjective takes the comparison of nouns to the highest degree. A superlative adjective compares three or more nouns. For most important  comparative and superlative adjectives list;

angryangrier thanthe angriest
attractivemore attractive thanthe most attractive
badworse thanthe worst
beautifulmore beautiful thanthe most beautiful
bigbigger thanthe biggest
boringmore boring thanthe most boring
bravebraver thanthe bravest
brightbrighter thanthe brightest
carefulmore careful thanthe most careful
carelessmore careless thanthe most careless
cheapcheaper thanthe cheapest
cleancleaner thanthe cleanest
clearclearer thanthe clearest
clevercleverer thanthe cleverest
closecloser thanthe closest
coldcolder thanthe coldest
comfortablemore comfortable thanthe most comfortable
complicatedmore complicated thanthe most complicated
coolcooler thanthe coolest
dangerousmore dangerous thanthe most dangerous
darkdarker thanthe darkest
deepdeeper thanthe deepest
deliciousmore delicious thanthe most delicious
difficultmore difficult thanthe most difficult
dirtydirtier thanthe dirtiest
drydrier thanthe driest
earlyearlier thanthe earliest
easyeasier thanthe easiest
emptyemptier thanthe emptiest
excitingmore exciting thanthe most exciting
expensivemore expensive thanthe most expensive
famousmore famous thanthe most famous
farfarther thanthe farthest
fastfaster thanthe fastest
fatfatter thanthe fattest
flatflatter thanthe flattest
freshfresher thanthe freshest
friendlymore friendly thanthe most friendly
funnyfunnier thanthe funniest
goodbetter thanthe best
greatgreater thanthe greatest
happyhappier thanthe happiest
hardharder thanthe hardest
heavyheavier thanthe heaviest
highhigher thanthe highest
horriblemore horrible thanthe most horrible
hothotter thanthe hottest
hungryhungrier thanthe hungriest
importantmore important thanthe most important
intelligentmore intelligent thanthe most intelligent
interestingmore interesting thanthe most interesting
kindkinder thanthe kindest
largelarger thanthe largest
latelater thanthe latest
lazylazier thanthe laziest
lightlighter thanthe lightest
longlonger thanthe longest
loudlouder thanthe loudest
lowlower thanthe lowest
luckyluckier thanthe luckiest
modernmore modern thanthe most modern
narrownarrower thanthe narrowest
nearnearer thanthe nearest
newnewer thanthe newest
nicenicer thanthe nicest
noisynoisier thanthe noisiest
oldolder thanthe oldest
poorpoorer thanthe poorest
popularmore popular thenthe most popular
powerfulmore powerful thanthe most powerful
prettyprettier thanthe prettiest
quickquicker thanthe quickest
quietquieter thanthe quietest
richricher thanthe richest
sadsadder thanthe saddest
safesafer thanthe safest
shortshorter thanthe shortest
sillysillier thanthe silliest
simplesimpler thanthe simplest
slimslimmer thanthe slimmest
slowslower thanthe slowest
smallsmaller thanthe smallest
softsofter thanthe softest
soonsooner thanthe soonest
strangestranger thanthe strangest
successfulmore successful thanthe most successful
strongstronger thanthe strongest
sweetsweeter thanthe sweetest
talltaller thanthe tallest
terriblemore terrible thanthe most terrible
thickthicker thanthe thickest
thinthinner thanthe thinnest
thirstythirstier thanthe thirstiest
uglyuglier thanthe ugliest
usefulmore useful thanthe most useful
warmwarmer thanthe warmest
weakweaker thanthe weakest
wetwetter thanthe wettest
widewider thanthe widest
wonderfulmore wonderful thanthe most wonderful
youngyounger thanthe youngest