30 Imperative Sentences, Examples of Imperative Sentences

30 Imperative Sentences, Examples of Imperative Sentences

1.Please grant me a loan.

2.Don’t forget.

3.Shut the window, will you?

4.Have a Coke and a smile.

5.Never forget the person who values you.

6.Don’t forget to brush your teeth after eating.

7.Stay amazing!

8.Don’t drive fast.

9.Miss me when we are parted.

10.Drive slowly.

11.Don’t sit there.

12.Catch it.

13.Turn left at that intersection.

14.Play with intensity and courage.

15.Do not use drugs after vaccination.

16.Please grant me a loan.

17.Take a left at the first stop light.

18.Don’t speak to Sam.

19.Don’t talk too loud at school.

20.Please join me for dinner.

21.Teach him.

22.Be quiet, sir!

23.Don’t go, please.

24.Pour some sugar on me.

25.Feel free to call me any time.

26.Respect your elders.

27.Alex, please turn out that light.

28.Take your time or you’ll lose it.

29.Pay more attention to your car.

30.Do not run away from the problems.