Phrasal Verbs – GIVE in English

English Phrasal Verbs with Give, Phrasal verbs GIVE, definitions and example sentences;


Phrasal Verbs GIVE in English

Give forth

Emit or release something

The roses give forth a very heady scent at this time of the year.


Give away

Reveal hidden information about someone

Her husband gave her away to the police.


Give in

Reluctantly stop fighting or arguing

My brother didn’t want to got to the cinema, but he finally gave in.


Give out

Issue, to distribute

Can you help me to give out the table to the home?


Give away

Ruin a secret

My little brother gave the surprise party away by accident.


Give back

Return a borrowed item

You told me to give it back to her so I went over to give it back.


Give over

Abandon, devote

The rest of the time was given over to playing cards.


Give off

Send off a smell liquid or gas

The cheese had begun to give off a stange smell.