20 Phrasal Verbs and Example Sentences in English

20 Phrasal Verbs and Example Sentences in English

Read sth off

Meaning; to read sth. aloud from a list

Example; When he read your name off, come up to the stage.


Read (sth) back ( to sb)

Meaning; to read some information back or again to the person who has just given it

Example; I will read the telephone number back to you to make sure.


Read into

Meaning; to believe that an action, remark, or situation has a particular importance or meaning, often when this is not true

Example; Her speech is very clear. Don’t try to read anything else into it.


Read over/through

Meaning; to read something quickly from the beginning to the end

Example; You should read over your exam paper when you have finished.


Read for sth

Meaning; to study for something

Example; We are reading for our exams.


Read up on/about sth

Meaning; to spend time reading in order to find out information about something

Example; You should read up on this issue before going for an interview.


Read sth out

Meaning; to read something aloud

Example; Please read the names out so everyone can hear you.


Let in

Definition; Let someone come in

Example Sentence; She opened the window to let in the air.


Let on

Definition; Make clear, evince

Example Sentence; You don’t want to let on how rich you really are.


Let off

Definition; Cause to explode or release

Example Sentence; Stand back when you let off fireworks.


Let down

Definition; Fail to support or help

Example Sentence; My friend, don’t let me down this time.


Let out

Definition; Make bigger

Example Sentence; I need to let out this skirt.


Let down

Definition; Lengthen

Example Sentence; My father is a tailor, so he can let my pants down.


Look after sb/sth

Meaning; to watch or take care of someone or something

Example; I look after my friend’s fish when she is away.


Look ahead

Meaning; to think about what may happen in the future

Example; They need to look ahead to make a decision for their company.


Look round/around somewhere/sth

Meaning; to visit a place and look at the things in it.

Example; I will spend all day looking around the city.


Look at sth

Meaning; to think about a subject carefully

Example; We are looking at the various possibilities.


Look back

Meaning; to think about something that happened in the past

Example; When I look back, I’m filled with happiness.


Look down on sb

Meaning; to regard oneself as superior to somebody

Example; He looks down on her because he has a good job.


Look forward to sth

Meaning; to anticipate something with pleasure

Example; She is looking forward to visiting her family this weekend.


Look for 

Meaning; to search for someone or something, to seek

Example; I am looking for Susan. Have you seen her?


Look in ( on sb/sth )

Meaning; to check briefly on someone or something

Example; I can look in on the child before I go to the bed.


Look into sth

Meaning; to try to discover the facts about something such as a problem or an issue.

Example; The president has promised to look into the case.