25 Phrases With Sentences in English

25 Phrases With Sentences in English

1.$ 50. What size do you wear?

2.After the exam, students will have 12 days of vacation.

3.All of you please stand up and make a move.

4.Anyone who knows the answer should raise their fingers.

5.Are the books put in the bag?

6.Are you a doctor?

7.Besides, which kinds of sauces do you want?

8.Billy, what time is it now! Why are you regularly late for school?

9.Collect the book, which is $ 2 each, from the bookstore.

10.Did your friend come to school today?

11.Do air conditioners work?

12.Do you drink water?

13.English lesson is not very difficult

14.Great, what do you want, sir?

15.Have you had good lessons?

16.Hello, how can I help you?

17.Hello, I’m looking at a red pants.

18.Here please!

19.How can I go there?

20.How did you come to school on foot?

21.How many semesters are there during the year?

22.How much does it cost?

23.How would you like steaks to be cooked? Little or much?

24.I want to go to metro station.

25.I want to go to the hospital.