English Classroom Language

English Classroom Language, School phrases in english;

English Classroom Language

I am sorry. I did not hear.
Can I go to the toilet?
May I join the class/group?
Sorry, for being late.
May I open / close the window?
May I go out please?
Can you explain it once more, please?
What page are we on?
I am ready. May I start it?
Can you speak louder, please?
Which book?
Can you explain that again?
Whe is the exam?

Can I come in?
Can I pull up the blinds?
Can I pulldown the blinds?
Can you help me, please?
Can I go out?
Can I answer the question?
Can I switch off the lights?
What is the homework?
Do we have to write this down?
Is this right?
Is this correct?
When is the homework for?
I have done this.
Can I open the window?
Can we pack our things now?
Can I go to the board?

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