200 Most Important TOEFL Words

The TOEFL test is a highly respected English language proficiency test, helping millions of students like you attend English-speaking institutes all over the world. 200 Most Important TOEFL Words in English;

200 Most Important TOEFL Vocabulary


Slap Vanish
Invalid Revenue
Poor Random
Pauper Oration
Dingy Morsel
Waxy Torture
Outrageous Soothe
Vibrate Sneak
Deck Sip
Orchard Flimsy
Humid Ajar
Falter Entice
Waxy Feat
Tamper Brandish
Thicken Exhausted
Posterity Concord
Bully Esteem
Stack Meticulous
Thump Bald
Pauper Gem

Goal Endeavour
Gist Predict
Fascinate Captive
Famine Diligent
Grudge Escort
Hoe Evolve
Lament Obstinate
Jungle Digress
Hoax Glitter
Lanky Haphazard
Ferry Pessimist
Cabal Slay
Blush Merger
Ample Role
Detest Tumble
Soar Omit
Carve Ponder
Condone Persuade
Hinge Demolish
clemency Imminent
Blizzard Akin
Sinuous Hectic
Expanse Fraction
Nadir Flee
Refined Litter
Brim Tug
Rash Coerce
Commend Gash
Sporadic Zealot
Hasty Erosion
Eradicate Exceed
Terminate Heavy
Surmise Chaos
Sever Trend
Crude Conventional
Moron Chum
Callous Resolute
Agitate Oasis
Bribe Brutal
Depict Chore
Broom Bellow
Jeopardy Decline
Mansion Exultant
Durable Hazy
Harsh Dispatch
Assert Abhor
Heed Amnesia
Hilarious Oblivious
Fraud Asset
Trivial Mend
Expound Abet
Quest Abate
Agile Pity
Plea Flip
Palatable Dent
Boundless Grope
Ramble Confiscate
Malign Ankle
Appraisal Hoarse
Homage Reiterate
Proprietor Boost
Indictment Anticipate
Arraign Prone
Frigid Ruin
Supersed Famine
Sagacity Opponent
Avarice Persevere
Raze Releae
Plausible Devastation
Extravagance Degrade
Inspect Intervene
Dilate Affinity
Zenith Voracious
Petrify Brevrespite
Devoid Obtuse
Cultivation Clamor
Irrigation Negligent
Obtain Profane
Demand Uniform
Strain enmity