+30 Asking and Giving Direction Phrases

+30 Asking and Giving Direction Phrases

Asking Direction
•How do I get to library?

•Where is the nearest post office?

•Can you tell me the way to the Big Hotel?

•Are we on the right road for London?

•Can you Show me on the map, please?

•I’m looking for this address.

•Dou you have a map?

•Are you from around here?

•Pardon me, I’m lost, how do I get to …?

•I’m looking for …

•Could you direct me to …?

•May I ask for some help? I need to get to …?

•How can we get to High Park?

•Is it far?

•Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to the bus station?

Giving Direction
•Go up…

•It’s on the corner

•Go straight ahead


•Go along…

•Turn left

•Turn right

•Turn left into  … Street

•Go down …

•It’s in the middle of the block

•You will pass a supermarket on your left

•Take this road

•Turn right at the crossroads

•It’s on your left

•It’s on your right

•It’s about 100 meters from here

•Take the first road on the right

•Take the second road on the left

•It’s next to…