20 Sentences of Punctuation

20 Sentences of Punctuation

1.Shall he not come in?

2.Shall we not eat dinner here?

3.Do not smoke in your room.

4.You wash your hand first and then eat.

5.Clean your room.

6.Stop talking and open your book.

7.Take the dog for a walk, please.

8.Stop biting your fingernails.

9.Nobody move!

10.Do not walk fastly.

11.How many times do you smoke?

12.Who knows the answers to these questions?

13.Whom did you see yesterday?

14.Why are you not interested?

15.Whose pants are these?

16.A brownie is being baked by Michael.

17.A mistake was made.

18.He is being hired to work at Burger King.

19.Choose your friends wisely.

20.Shall we not eat dinner here?