Phrasal Verbs – GO

Phrasal Verbs – GO, English phrasal verbs with go;

Phrasal Verbs - GO

Go against

Meaning: to oppose or to disagree with someone or something

Example Sentences;

  • The people’s votes went against us.
  • She would not go against her parents’ wishes.


Go along

Meaning: to continue to happen or to develop

Example Sentences;

  • He is under the radar but he is going along well.
  • She will explain the rules as they go along.


Go about

Meaning: to deal with something

Example Sentences;

  • I want to solve this problem but I don’t know how to go about it.
  • I think I’d go about it quite differently.


Go for

Meaning: to choose a particular thing

Example Sentences;

  • I will go for strawberry ice cream.
  • They will go for the World record.