Phrasal Verbs with CARRY in English

Phrasal Verbs with CARRY in English, carry on with, carry on, carry on about, carry off, carry over, carry out, carry on, carry off;

Phrasal Verbs with CARRY in English

Carry on with

Definitions; Continue

Example Sentence; I want you to carry on with the work while I am out of country.


Carry on

Definition; Continue

Example Sentence; Carry on. I didn’t mean to interrupt you.


Carry on about

Definition; Continue in an annoying way

Example Sentence; She kept carrying on about how much money she makes.


Carry off

Definition; Succeed, win

Example Sentence; He carried off the first prize in the tennis tournament.


Carry over

Definition; Continue past a certain point

Example Sentence; The meeting carried over into lunch time.


Carry out

Definition; Perform a task

Example Sentence; I would like to carry out the plan.


Carry on

Definition; Behave badly

Example Sentence; My son annoyed me by carrying on all day.


Carry off

Definition; Die of a disease

Example Sentence; Tuberculosis carried her off two years ago.