Prepositional Phrases List – IN

English Prepositional Phrases List, Prepositional Phrases – IN;

Prepositional Phrases - IN
in time
in the forefront of
in demand
in of focus
in of one’s element
in of prison
in of season
in of stock
in of touch
in of use
in difficulty
in sight (of)
in a deep sleep
in a flash
in a heap
in a hurry
in a mess
in a pile
in a sense
in a temper
in abeyance
in abundance
in accordance with
in action
in addition to
in advance
in agony

in agreement with
in aid of
in all likelihood
in an instant
in an uproar
in answer to
in anticipation of
in arrears
in awe of
in blossom
in brief
in bulk
in cash
in character
in charge of
in code
in collaboration with
in combination with
in comfort
in command of
in common
in comparison with
in compensation for
in conclusion
in confidence
in confinement
in confusion
in conjunction with
in connection with
in consequence of
in contact with
in contrast with
in control of
in convoy
in custody
in danger
in debt
in decline
in defense of
in detail
in disgrace
in disguise
in disorder
in dispute
in distress
in doubt
in due course
in duplicate
in earnest
in effect
in error
in essence
in excess of
in exchange for
in existence
in fact
in fairness to
in favor of
in fear of
in flames
in flower
in full
in future
in gear
in general
in good condition
in good faith
in hand
in harmony (with)
in haste
in hiding
in high spirits
in honor of
in horror
in ink

in pencil
in isolation
in its infancy
in jeopardy
in keeping with
in labor
in league with
in length
in line with
in love with
in memory of
in mid-air
in mind
in moderation
in mourning
in name
in office
in one’s absence
in one’s spare time
in operation
in opposition to
in origin
in other words
in pain
in Parliament
in particular
in person
in pieces
in place of
in possession of
in poverty
in practice
in preference to
in preparation for
in principle
in private
in progress
in proportion to
in public
in pursuit of
in quantity
in question
in reality
in recognition of
in relation to
in reply to
in reserve
in residence
in respect of
in response to
in retrospect
in return
in revenge for
in reverse
in ruins
in safety
in sb’s interest
in sb’s opinion
in search of
in secret
in self-defense
in settlement of
in short
in silence
in small change
in store for
in succession
in support of
in suspense
in sympathy with
in tears
in terms of
in terror
in the absence of
in the aftermath
in the balance
in the case of
in the course of
in the distance
in the event of
in the extreme
in the eyes of
in the flesh
in the form of
in the habit of
in the interests of
in the lead
in the light of
in the long run
in the making
in the meantime
in the midst of
in the mood for
in the name of
in the night
in the open
in the process of
in the right
in the seclusion of
in the shade
in the space of
in the wake of
in the way of
in the wrong
in theory
in time for
in times of
in town
in trouble
in tune with
in turmoil
in turn
in two minds
in twos
in uniform
in unison
in vain
in view of
in vogue
in words