100 Most Important Words, Definitions

100 Most Important Words, Definitions and Example Sentences

100 Most Important Words and definitions

1. Search
Search means to try to find sth.

2. Prohibit
Prohibit means to forbit sth by law

3. Integrate
Integrate means to mix with and join society.

4. Contact
Contact means to communicate with sb

5. Analyze
Analyze means to examine sth in detail

6. Purchase
Purchase means to buy

7. Predict
Predict means to estimate sth that will happen in the future

8. Detect
Detect means to discover sth

9. Survive
Survive means to continue to live

10. Remove
Remove means to take sth or sb away from somewhere

11. Link
Link means to make a connection between two people, things, etc.

12. Involve
Involve means to include sb or sth in an activity, situation, etc.

13. Evaluate
Evaluate means to judge or calculate the value of sth

14. Estimate
Estimate means to guess sth

15. Survey
Survey means to ask people questions to find out about their opinion

16. Select
Select means to choose sth

Exclude means to keep out sth or sb

18. Consume
Consume means to buy or eat or drink in large amounts

19. Focus
Focus means to pay particular attention to

20. Pursue
Pursue means to chase sb or sth

21. Contact
Contact means to communicate with sb

22. Found
Found means to bring sth into existance

23. Explore
Explore means to discover sth

24. Participate
Participate means to take part in an activity

25. Create
Create means to make sth new

100 Most Important Words and definitions

26. illustrate
illustrate means to make sth clear by giving example

27. Achieve
Achieve means to successfully finish sth

28. Commit
Commit means to do sth illegal

29. Legislate
Legislate means to make a new law

30. Conclude
Conclude means to end a speech, meeting, etc.

31. Perceive
Perceive means to come to understand

32. Consent
Consent means to agree to do something

33. Demonstrate
Demonstrate means to show or make sth clear

34. Locate
Locate means to be in a particular place

35. Validate
Validate means to make legally valid

36. Approach
Approach means to come nearer to sth or sb

37. Administer
Administer means to manage an operation or to govern a country

38. Conduct
Conduct means to carry out an activity

39. Constrain
Constrain means to limit someone’s freedoom

40. Document
Document means to report sth in written

41. Publish
Publish means to print a book, magazine, etc. for public sale

42. Specify
Specify means to explain sth clearly

43. Contrast
Contrast means to compare two things or two people

44. Deviate
Deviate means to go in a different direction

45. Allocate
Allocate means to share out time, money, etc.

46. Precede
Precede means to come before sth or sb in time or space

47. Channel
Channel means to use money, effort, etc. in a particular way
48. Convert
Convert means to cause sth or sb to change in form, function, etc.

49. Submit
submit means to suggest

50. Restore
Restore means to return sth or sb to a former condition, position, etc.

100 Most Important Words and definitions

51. Diminish
Diminish means to reduce in size or importance

52. State
State means to express sth definitely in speech or writing

53. Enforce
Enforce means to make people obey a law

54. Retain
Retain means to keep or continue to have something

55. Compound
Compound means to mix two or more things together to make a whole

56. Establish
Establish means to start a firm, company or organization

57. Assist
Assist means to help

Gain means to increase in weight, amount, speed, etc.

59. Obtain
Obtain means to get sth buying or working for it

60. Restrict
Restrict means to put a limit on or to keep under control

61. Alternate
Alternate means to occur in turn repeatedly

62. Coordinate
Coordinate means to make many different things working effectively as a whole

63. Rely
Rely means to trust someone or something

64. Grant
Grant means to give money or allow someone or something

65. Modify
Modify means to make minor or partial changes to sth

66. Adapt
Adapt means to change sth to make suitable for a new use or purpose

67. Substitute
Substitute means to use sth or sb instead of another thing or sb

68. Comprehend
Comprehend means to understand sth completely

69. Eliminate
Eliminate means to remove somebody or something

70. Chart
Chart means to arrange a plan of action

71. Produce
Produce means to manufacture or create economic goods and services

72. Anticipate
Anticipate means to expect that sth will happen

73. Donate
Donate means to give money, goods, etc. to help a person or organization

74. Consult
Consult means to get information or advice from somebody

75. Evolve
Evolve means to develop gradually

100 Most Important Words and definitions

76. Alter
Alter means to change in character, appearance, etc

77. Entitle
Entitle means to give a title to a film, book, etc.

78. Monitor
Monitor means to watch and check a progress of sth for a period of time

79. Target
Target means to attack or to select as an object of attention

80. Exceed
Exceed means to be greater in number, size, etc.

81. Advocate
Advocate means to support

82. Calculate
Calculate means determine the amount or number of something mathematically

83. Stop
Stop means to not continue to operate

84. Think
Think means to use the brain to decide to do something

85. Observe
Observe means to watch sth carefully

86. Seek
Seek means to try to find or get sth

87. Spend
Spend means to give money as a payment

88. Indicate
Indicate means to show or to point out

89. Chase
Chase means to pursue to catch sth or sb

90. Repair
Repair means to restore sth

91. Erase
Erase means to rub out or to remove writing or marks

92. Announce
Announce means to make sth known

93. Enumerate
Enumerate means to determine the number of things, count

94. Negotiate
Negotiate means to have formal discussions with sb to reach an agreement

95. Discuss
Discuss means to talk about sth with a person or people

96. Choose
Choose means to decide what you want from two or more possibilities

97. Classify
Classify means to divide things into groups according to type

98. Advance
Advance means to move forward or to improve

99. Ascend
Ascend means to move up or climb something

100. Perform
Perform means to do an action or piece of work