Although vs Even though

Although“ and “Even though” are all subordinating conjuctions, which connect two sentences together. Although vs Even Though;

Although vs Even Though

Although” means “in spite of something”.  Although + Subject + Verb


  • Although it rained all day, we enjoyed the football match very much.
  • She failed in the math exam, although she studied very hard.
  • Although he ran very fast, she lost the final race.
  • Although he is rich, he has no girl friend.
  • Although studying French seems difficult, it’s simpler than you think.


Even though” means “in spite of something”. Even though + A Clause


  • Even though they were millionaires, they live old house.
  • We are still very thirsty, even though we drank very much water.
  • Even though she’s much older than the others, she won the race.
  • Even though she was late, the teacher didn’t write him absent.

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